Gay Pride, also known as the LGBT pride, is the supportive stand against injustice and brutality towards the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community to advocate their self-declaration, morality, equality rights, boost their visibility as a social body, grow a community, and observe sexual diversity and gender differences.

Pride, in opposition to humiliation and social shame, is the preeminent perspective that strengthens many LGBT rights movements across the world. Pride has loaned its name to LGBT-themed groups, infrastructures, institutions, foundations, titles, and even a television station.

Varying from serious to celebratory, pride events usually happen at the LGBT Pride month or any other period that memorialize a turning point in the LGBT history. For instance is the Moscow Pride last May 2006 for the annual celebration of Russia’s decriminalization of homosexuality in 1993. A number of pride events encompass LGBT pride parades and marches, assemblies, tributes, community days, parties, and huge festivals, like Sydney Mardi Gras that lasts for several weeks.

Some common representations of Pride are the rainbow or pride flag, λ, which is the lowercase Greek letter lambda, and the pink triangle and the black triangle.

LGBT Pride Month

June has been picked as the LGBT Pride Month to remember the Stonewall riots, which happened on June 1969. Because of that, a lot of Pride events happen during this month to acknowledge the influence LGBT individuals have had all around the world. Brenda Howard is popular as the “Mother of Pride”, for her contribution in organizing the very first LGBT Pride march, and she also started the concept of having 7 days of events throughout Pride day which turned into the start of the yearly LGBT Pride celebrations, which now happens around the globe every June. Added to that, Howard along with other LGBT rights activities Robert Martin also known as Donny the Punk and L. Craig Schoonmaker are accredited with making the word “Pride” famous to define these celebrations.

On a number of instances, the United States Presidents has officially announced a Pride Month. Firstly, Pres. Bill Clinton announced June to be the ‘Gay & Lesbian Pride Month’ last June 2, 2000. In 2009-2016, Pres. Barack Obama declared June as LGBT Pride Month.

The most used search engine Google, designated any LGBT-related search results last June 2012 with a rainbow colored decoration below them to show their support for the LGBT community.