5 Popular Lesbian Actresses & Their Impact

5 Popular Lesbian Actresses & Their Impact

The entertainment industry is filled with many great actresses in the world, and some of those actresses are lesbian actresses that keep on encouraging those who are still ashamed and do not feel comfortable in their situation. Luckily, things have changed for the better for the LGBT community in regards of social attitudes towards lesbians and famous lesbians. Our list for 5 Popular Lesbian Actresses, in no particular order, include:

5. Ellen DeGeneresellen degeneres

Ellen came out way back then in 1977, a time where the topic was still a taboo among the media and society. Since that time she became a reference for those with different sexual orientation.

She is one of the most influential women in the American Industry and a renowned television host in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has been one of the most watched since it aired in 2003. She has been married to Portia de Rossi since 2008 and is openly gay.

With such an influential persona, there is no wonder why her selfie taken at the Academy Awards in 2014 still holds the record for the most retweeted image ever. She was named the 50th most powerful woman by Forbes magazine in 2015, and thought to be “America’s funniest person”.

4. Jodie Fosterjodie foster

As seen on The Silence of The Lambs (1991) and Panic Room (2002) and many others, Jodie Foster is dubbed one of the best actresses of her generation. She might just be one of the few Disney teenage idols whose life didn’t take a shameful turn. In fact, she is an advocate of privacy, her sexual orientation was not disclosed for a long time until she finally confirmed it in 2013’s Golden Globes’ speech.

Her public appearances are rare but always meaningful. This year she gave a speech to call the public to engage in the United Voices rally , though she was not blatantly explicit about her political preferences, it’s clear she rejects all oppressive agendas and views.

3.Jane Lynch

jane lynchFamous actress, writer, comedian and American singer Jane Lynch is best known for her roles in Christopher Guest’s comedies such as Best in Show and for her role in Glee as Sue Sylvester, which landed her an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award.

Lynch didn’t have what you call an “easy ride” with her sexuality, as she expresses in an interview on People’s webpage. She realized at age 14 she was a lesbian and had to hide it like it was a fatal and contagious disease “It led to a life of secrecy I had to unravel” as she states on the interview.

Jane never really had a big “coming out” moment, but she thanks those who did come out in the height of their career with a lot to lose like Rossie O’ Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres.

2. Cynthia Ellen Nixon

Best known for her role as Miranda Hobbes in Sex and The City (1998-2004), Cynthia Ellen Nixon is ancynthia nixon American actress that got her a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

When she did “came out” it wasn’t a big shock for the public, she did so quietly and elegantly by not making a fuss about her newfound orientation in 2007. Most people even found her “coming out moment” quite dull.

And while that seemed boring, she sparked the light over the matter in 2012 when she remarked she “Gay by choice” which led her to be under public pressure until later she re-stated her words to fit a more acceptable truth by saying

“bisexuality is not a choice, but being in a homosexual relationship is”.

The Sex and The City movie actress has been married twice, once with photographer Danny Mozes until 2003, with which she had two children, Samantha and Charles. Then she married education activist Christine Marinoni in 2012 and they are still happily together, as last seen in 2016’s Gay Pride March in June.

1. Ellen Page

ellen pageThe 29 year old Canadian actress that is best known for her portrayal of pregnant teenager Juno MacGuff in Juno (2007) and dream architect Ariadne in Inception (2010).

Ellen Page has been nominated several times for film academies, critics and journalists association and has won many other important awards such as the COFCA Awards, the Canadian Comedy Awards, and The AFCA Awards among others.

Page came out with a heartfelt and deeply personal speech delivered during a Time to Thrive conference held at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada back in 2014, supporting the LGBT youth.

Now that she is openly an advocate of the LBGT community, she has been enacting some important gay roles and has had her sayings about Hollywood’s double standards on homosexuality, although she also conceded that Hollywood was slowly softening the grip on diversity.

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