Movies Every LGTB Person Should Watch! (UPDATE)

Movies Every LGTB Person Should Watch! (UPDATE)

There are now many films which have portrayed the gays´ harsh to blissful stories and tales, some of which are worthy of remembrance because of their brilliant portrayals of the truths of the Gays and Lesbians´ world in both past and present. In this list, we show you 3 of the many great films out there praised by the audience.

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Pride (2014)

“Pride” is a film that strives to make its audience stand up and cheer. Based on an amazing true story that could´ve been portrayed as a plain drama, the filmmakers chose the lighter approach in an attempt to capture the audience´s hearts. Set during the UK Miners Strike of 1984-19851, “Pride” shows how the London´s LGSM –Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners chapter starts collecting money to support the Miner´s movement against the closure of the Britain´s collieries.

By that time, the miner´s group was the only group being even more mistreated than the LG movement, therefore they sympathized. As Mark Kermode (2014) would put it “Power in an unlikely union”.

Warchus portrays this film with grace and theatricality while tying every plot line into a very neatly tied package that brings us joy and moves us.

The movie shows the 80´s paranoia and misinformation about AIDS and the perils of being openly gay in a hostile environment. Although we get easily trapped by the unfolding events in the film, we never really disconnect from the ever present reality of identifying yourself with groups that society rejects and the palpable fear of rejection from family and close ones.

Pride´smoral message is that there is a lot more to be gained when you meet someone of a different gender, orientation or culture than “meeting” them through the TV´s depiction or Internet´s stereotypes. By meeting someone in person the experience is richer, honest and humane, and by doing so, people can break prejudice barriers and stereotype stigmas, thus helping each other.
As the saying goes, in unity lies strengthand “Pride” shows us exactly that.

Milk (2008)

milkAnother film based on a true story, “Milk” is set in the midst of the 1978´s proposition 62 led by John Briggs. The film circles around this ordinance that would have allowed employers to fire their gay employees and would have prohibited them, and anyone whosupported gay rights, from working in public schools. This is where Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) comes in and starts his journey to become the First Openly Gay Man to be elected for political office in the USA.

Although the movie mainly focuses on that particular and very important event, we do catch a glimpse of Harvey´s life and how he decides to turn it around, setting his mind to do something important with his life; he decides to move to San Francisco with his companion Scott Smith (James Franco) and to open a camera shop near to the Castro Theater, there they witnessed how the largest and most popular gay community in America was being consistently persecuted by homophobic police.

As Milk develops a strong love for his newly found community there, he starts having backroom meetings with “his people” as he would refer to that society. Soon enough, after witnessing brutal gay bashings, Harvey is more forcefully drawn into the idea thatgay people should have one leader of their own,taking care or gay interests, inside political office.

Throughout the movie we can see how Milk ´s personal life becomes completely plunged into the political spectrum, showing his campaign runs for San Francisco City Supervisor´s office and the triumphs and defeats of the gay civil rights movement.

However, what makes this movie such magnificent achievement for Van Sant is the fact that, while being a political and historical biopic, he managed to make it visually stunning, emotionally breathtaking and irrevocably heartfelt for the gay community and every community that has been through so many civil rights’ fights, battling their way towards acceptance.
If you haven´t seen this film yet, it´s not too late, and it´s a definite must watch.

Brokeback Mountain(2005)

Ang lee´s impeccable adaptation of a short story by Annie Proulx that was published in the New Yorker brokeback mountainquickly became the most-buzzed about film of its season. Brokeback Mountain definitely becomes a camp classic and favorite for all romantic-story lovers. In short, a timeless tender film that you cannot miss.

It´s set during the 1960´s rural Wyoming; the film shows two young cowboys, Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal), who meet each other on a rocky mountainside to watch over the flock of a local farm landowner (Randy Quaid) and how they will unavoidably succumb to their physical and emotional desires for each other.

They are set to stay over a beautiful rocky landscape with streams flowing, sheep flocks traveling and flimsy clouds where these two men will find, after a night with some drinks, their passionate sexual encounter to give birth to a sincere and pure yet impossible romance.

And while they deny it briefly the day after their first encounter, they cannot stop enjoying intense and affectionate moments that would drag this romance painfully for two decades. All the while these passionate lovers would never break their strict macho cowboys’ visage on the rural world they belong to.

They marry, separately, have children of their own and continue their affair by disguising their emotionally charged encounters as fishing trips to Brokeback Mountain; which becomes a symbol of their beloved union, it becomes more than a place, like a blissful piece of an unattainable heaven that they lived briefly each “fishing trip” over 20 long years. No fish were caught during those trips :).

It´s a Tear Jerker

Heath LedgerThis romantic film portrays the awe-inspiring act from Heath Ledger as this secluded, puritan and afraid-of-himself Ennis that will eventually develop in an increasingly sad and mumbling alienation. And a dreamy romantic Jack Twist who plots impossible futures for them to be together.

Stellar performance from both actors and heartfelt depictions of how a closeted love slowly crumbles in such a strict rural past filled homophobia that leads so many to live – and sometimes die- in hatred because of their own unprofessed feelings.

I fall short when I say that this film is a beautiful one that might jerk a tear from your eyes, and leave you with the feeling of want for all those un-achieved romantic loves that were never meant to be… or were they? Another must watch! And it´s also listed as one of the best movies of the 2000 – 2010 decade.

In short, these films are all fully charged and will all spark that flame inside you to fight for what you love and for what you think is right. Besides leaving you with admiration for those who have fought the battles for gay rights and equality for all of those who were –or are- deemed as different.

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