Are we currently celebrating the Golden Age of gay films? It’s possible. For the last few years, we have witnessed an abundance of award-worthy films advertising gay and LGBTI aspects. Acknowledged, major films representing outstanding lesbian and trans individuals have been wistfully deficient on the ground last 2016. We’ve cut down the list to our 5 most favorite LGBTI films.


Moonlight, directed and directed by Barry Jenkins, is among 2016’s best films, LGBT or not. This sensitive drama follows the life of Chiron, an introverted gay black man, between 2 stages of his early life, together with his trials with acceptance of self, bullying, and his mom’s addiction to crack cocaine. It is very rare for black ga men to get this type of screen representation- the type that exhibits them with nostalgic and ecstatic intricacy and attains rhapsodic feedbacks from the finest critics. It even made its way to the Academy awards, winning several awards including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay.


The overwhelmingly impressive, grandiose epic about a hush-hush lesbian love affair, Handmaiden is the dramatic countermeasure to the movie Looking. The greatest work of a director from South Korea, Park Chan-wook, smoothly harmonizes romance, mystery, crime, erotica, horror, comedy, and even the slightest touch of cheesy melodrama. All of which with a few sprinkles of politics and a determined, extensive odd agenda to reboot.

King Cobra

The sensational story of Brent Corrigan’s fresh porn career— and the murder of a producer influential to his success— emphasizes this next best LGBT movie. King Cobra is written and directed by Justin Kelly, and mainly played by Garrett Clayton (twink poster boy). The movie has gained controversy after reports have been made that Corrigan declined to take part in the film, announcing it extended the truth on the murder of Bryan Kocis in 2007. Nevertheless, the film is an intriguing slice of pulp picture that is co-starred by James Franco and Christian Slater.

Other People

Written and directed by Chris Kelly from Saturday Night Live (SNL), Other People is a satirical comic drama representing the story of a pessimistic, young gay writer David (played by Jesse Plemons) who goes back home to take care of his dying, cancer-stricken mom (portrayed by an incredibly spirited Molly Shannon). Her mom dies over the course of a year in the movie, and it may seem like an odd assumption for a comedy. However, the film reminds viewers that comedy and tragedy just two sides of one coin.

Looking: The Movie

Looking was originally a smart, sensitive drama aired on HBO. But after the series got canceled after 2 seasons, it resulted in a muffled outcry. However, the story of the desperately bewildered man-child Patrick and his attractive, arduous friends, received an admiring take off last 2016, with this feature-length declaration.

The movie is not perfect. Hardly anything happens, and the constant murmuring makes it more difficult to understand. However, this is the film at its most extraordinarily realistic.